Paint and Create with Sam

The story of Sam

I grew up in a creative home. My father was a commercial artist and my paternal grandfather and paternal great grandmother did upholstery. From the creativity they had, I learned many things. As each had their primary art, each also had their non-primary art. My father loved to do leather work and made belts, holsters and other things. My grandfather was a sketch artist, while baking was my great grandmothers thing. Under my grandfather's direction, I upholstered my first piece of furniture at five years old. At age six, I apprenticed with my father for many years and learned to paint auction and realtor signs. I have enough original recipes to have my own cookbook. As each of them had their passion, I had mine too. I discovered making jewelry and dove right in, and years later becoming a master wire sculptor. Besides wire, I also learned silver-smithing and lamp-working. This taught me I really love playing with fire. 

After losing my father in 2011, jewelry kind of lost its sparkle for me. I have had many pieces commissioned but it doesn't bring me the joy it once did. Realizing I have too much knowledge to let go to waste, I decided to teach. I teach not only jewelry, but also painting on canvas, floral, calligraphy, sign painting, crochet, and many other things (actually I doubt there are many mediums I don't work with). Many years ago I almost opened my own florist but the timing just wasn't right for my family. But I have owned my own handmade gift shop, showcasing not only my work, but the work of some other very talented people. In my store, I taught classes and realized that I really loved teaching and sharing my joy for different arts and mediums.

One thing you might not know about me is that I love to give back. I believe that God gave me talent and I really love to pay it forward. That is why you will find my fundraiser tab on my website. Every time I teach paint and sip to a group, I write a check to a charity or cause. I have helped many dog rescues, church mission groups, 4-H groups, Boy Scout troops, Relay for Life, American Legion and many other charities and causes. I list my fundraisers right in with all of the "Where is Sam" places to find me. Note** My Bob Ross Style Painting Classes are not part of my fundraising.

In September 2020, I went to Florida and became a certified Bob Ross instructor. It was challenging but I enjoy helping people create their own masterpieces.